Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

God’s dream for the world, nothing less

Our Mission

Growing disciples of Jesus through
Knowing God, Loving each other and Serving the world

Our Values

In reliance upon the Holy Spirit, we endeavor to fulfill this vision and
mission by becoming a community that is…

where Jesus is central to our lives and our fervent prayer and active resolve is to know him deeply, love him passionately and follow him faithfully in daily, lifelong discipleship

where every person, regardless of circumstance or condition, feels abundantly welcome and is treated with the dignity of one who is created in the image of God

intentionally inviting and equipping all who are willing into the love and service of Christ

where people value each other and find true friendship and mutual support

respectfully pursuing the breadth of knowledge that will promote God’s
highest good for each individual and for our world

addressing the real issues of real people in the real world

gathering together regularly in reverence and gratitude to the God in
whom we live and move and have our being

understanding faith thrives only when it speaks and listens to God

confessing our own brokenness and need for God

celebrating and delighting in one another in a variety of activities

where children, youth and adults find opportunities to interact and
build meaningful relationships

recognizing and faithfully using the abundant gifts that God has entrusted to us

seeking to strengthen the unity, not uniformity, of the Body of Christ