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Churches within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) denomination are structured as a representative democracy. Each year the congregation votes to elect individuals to serve on a leadership team called the Session. Members of the Session serve three-year terms, with a maximum of six consecutive years, and they oversee and make decisions about nearly all aspects of our life together as a church. 

Current Session Members:

  • Barb Snyder (2022) – Clerk of Session
  • Cecil Rhodes (2022) – Mission/Community Outreach
  • Linda Colling (2021) – Personnel & Nominating
  • Bob Grether (2021) – Buildings and Properties
  • Phyllis Waye (2023) – Finance & Congregational Fellowship
  • Brian King (2022) – Generosity
  • Kari Brantley (2023) – Discipleship & Personnel
  • Mark Ely (2023) – Mission & Technology

Connecting With Your Session Members: If you would like to connect with an individual session member reach out to them after worship on Sunday morning or send an email to office@salidapresbyterian.org to get connected.